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toadstool cupcake wedding display


has been recognized

by YELP and as one of

"The Best 50 Bakeries in America!"


Why serve your guests just a few flavors of cake
                  when you can give them dozens!

No celebration is too big or too small for Toadstools.

       Choose from 24 flavors! There are no minimums per flavor, however if you can order in multiples of six per flavor it makes boxing easier. (Hint-Print out an order form before reviewing our menu so you can fill it out as you are making your selections.)

         For weddings we do not schedule formal "tastings."  Just come in and we can answer your questions. Prior to the event, most couples like to purchase a variety of flavors and take them home to family and friends to taste.

         When ordering, please keep in mind that you only need one Toadstool per guest. They are the perfect size and are often served buffet style or at your guests' table on assortment platters. You will find that guests often will share the flavors by cutting them in half.

         Our Toadstools are perishable and should be kept refrigerated until served. Toadstools may be put on display in air conditioned rooms for up to one hour. It is recommended that for summer outdoor events, Toadstools be served from refrigeration for best results and eaten within 20-30 minutes. They should not be displayed on stands in warm weather. 

        We like to have orders placed at least one month ahead of the event. Payment is due in full at the time of booking. Cancellations must be received two weeks prior to the event. Refunds will be paid in full  minus a $25 service fee.

        DELIVERY-All orders must be picked up at our bakery. We do not deliver at this time. Instead, we have developed a quick and easy transport system with our insulated cooler bags. These sturdy units are packed with ice packs and will safely hold up to 216 Toadstools. They are ideal for transporting in warm weather and for cold storage at the reception. There is no charge for this service. We only require to have a credit card number on file to be charged in the event  the bag(s) are not returned. We are not responsible for orders once they leave our bakery. Cargo Bag dimensions are 32"W x 22"D x 12"H.




wedding toadstool cupcakes

Pricing/Discounts (We do not wholesale at this time.)

 1-11 Toadstools are $3.00 each.      

      12-71  Buy 11 and get the 12th one free.

Orders of 72-499-  $2.75 each.   

500 or more- $2.50 each

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