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Be part of the Toadstools Team!

We are looking for applicants for all positions when we reopen. Interested parties should email cover letters and resumes to

We now have four full time positions available:

1. Front Counter Customer Service       

2. Cupcake Production

3. Cupcake Baker (possible part time)


Pay scale- $18-$20 per hour (base pay of $15.00 per hour plus pooled tips)



Resumes must include all of the following or will not be considered: 

1) a current cover letter telling us a little about yourself and highlighting what your interest is in working for Toadstool Cupcakes

2) relevant work experience, name and location of each company worked for, any professional awards and recognition, professional references with names and contact info of immediate supervisor/manager/owner

3) education indicating highest degree earned with year and location

4) must include specific dates and locations for all jobs listed on resume and account for any gaps in employment history.

1. Front Counter Customer Service 

 Work schedule- Full Time-Weds.-Sun. 8:45am-5:15pm 

                           Part Time- Sat. and Sun 8:45am-5:15pm

Great position for a responsible, positive and energized food service person accountable for taking and filling orders with care and accuracy.  


Responsibilities include

* excellent communication with team and customers. Must be able to stand and enjoy continuous high levels of physical activity, lifting and performing the job to the highest standards of our company.

*correctly package temperature sensitive Toadstool cupcakes per customer's orders; both written and spoken

* make cupcake boxes per inventory requirements

* responsible for the presentation and appearance of Toadstool cupcake inventory and packaged orders

* responsible for communicating rapidly changing cupcake inventory to team members in BOH

* keep front-of-store and designated areas clean and organized throughout the day

* take 100% accurate phone orders and fill orders according to exact standards

2. Cupcake Production 

Work schedule- Weds.-Sun. 8:45am-5:15pm

Candidates for this position must have the professional skill set we need: handling heavy piping bags, accuracy in hand-decorating our tiny cakes...and much more. You must have a successful previous track record of work experience in a commercial bakery setting.  The daily routine requires mental focus and clarity,

Responsibilities include

* accurate dating and inventory of our cold dessert,

* production work to create our Toadstool dessert for both walk-in business and large "to go" orders,

* hand pastry bag work that is repetitive, requires total accuracy, hand-eye co-ordination, physical strength

* decorating hundreds of individual desserts daily adhering to our company guidelines,

* making our cream based toppings,

 *taking phone orders, delivery orders in a courteous and kind manner- all in a busy work environment.   

This job is physically demanding and includes standing while on shift, lifting heavy full trays in and out of refrigeration, working with a temperature and time sensitive dessert that is kept cold at all stages of the process, lots of bending, moving and keeping work stations clean and organized per food safety standards.


3. Cupcake Baker

Tentative Work schedule- Mon.-Fri. 9:00am-5:30pm


This person will be responsible for baking approximately 3,000 cupcakes every day using a 30 quart mixer, a commercial cake batter depositing machine, and double stack convection ovens.

After completing daily baking tasks, you will be required to assist production crew in making our cream based toppings. Must be physically able to lift 50 lbs.




baking at toadstool cupcakes
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