box of toadstools
24 count box of toadstools
4 pack box of toadstools

Postmates delivery service instructions. 

1. On your phone, go to and download their app for deliveries.

2. Go to Portland, Oregon and search for Toadstool Cupcakes to access our menu.

3 .You can order any quantity and the delivery charge varies from $2.99-$3.99, Sometimes they run promotions.

4. After you fill in the delivery location they will tell you if it is within their delivery range. If they say it is ok, then you are all set.

Please note-when you place an order with Postmates, we do not know about it until we receive it from them, about 30 minutes before they pick it up on your scheduled delivery day. If you have a problem with any aspect of the order-please call Postmates at 833-201-3748 and press the key for "live" orders. An agent will help you.

Please make sure someone will be at the address when they arrive. Toadstools are perishable and whoever accepts delivery of them should promptly refrigerate them.